Our Teachers

Audra Tsanos

Audra Tsanos is an actress and singer & a mom who has been making music with families in NYC since 1999. The popularity of her classes has made her a celebrated entertainer. She has been crowned by Time Out NY Kids the “Queen of the NY Kids Rock Scene", and has been featured on Nickelodeon & Sesame Street.

Audra still teaches classes in Brooklyn, where she encourages parents to be role models for their children through music. She provides an energetic, fun, playful environment that invites parents to engage with their children & and enjoy the music! Her hip style and rockin' vibe appeals to children and parents alike. Kids' music doesn't have to be boring and when she performs, it is anything but!

Jennifer Milich

Jennifer Milich is a writer and singer/songwriter who has been living and working in Brooklyn for the last 20 years. 

She began her vocal studies as an undergrad at SUNY Binghamton, learning the basics and training as a jazz singer. Her first band was the beat-poet influenced Adam's Curse, a quirky East-village based Bob Dylan-loving duo. 

Since 2004 Jennifer has worked for Audra as a teacher in the AudraRox Music for Aardvarks program. Audra and Jen have worked closely together through this music, not only with the day to day operations of Audra's business, but as bandmates and writers on AudraRox's two full length studio albums. Audra and Jen have formed an amazing friendship over the years, and sing together in countless projects, including Audra's reggae/rocksteady band, a Louis Prima tribute band, and several endeavors that celebrate the work of women musicians. 

Jennifer is also a founding member of the Scarlet Fox Letterpress, a creative collective that produces events around New York City, highlighting original work of artists in all mediums. 

She's currently the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of her new band, The Lonesome Sea, a blues/rock alt-country quartet. They are debuting their new EP in January 2018.

Jasmin Walker

Jasmin Walker is an actress/singer/dancer who has been living and working in NYC for the last 7 years. She earned her B.F.A. in musical theatre from University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (CCM). And has had the good fortune of appearing on Broadway, Off- Broadway, on primetime television, and in a feature film. She has a deep love for music and theatre that was nurtured by her parents teaching and performing in the same business. And funny enough, one of her parents' students she grew up around, is none other than Audra Rox! What a treat to now get a chance to work along side her introducing little ones to the musical experience!

Jasmin is also available for babysitting and tutoring. Click to learn more.